How to Learn Web Design

Learning web design is one of the most useful skills one can learn these days, with the opportunity rising to work around the world!  There are many, many skills to get the hang of in order to become a really competant web designer.  Some of the key skills to learn include:

  • HTML – this is the main skeleton of the website, standing for “Hyper Text Markup Language”.  This can be quite daunting for complete beginners! There are many websites which can help you to learn the basic commands of HTML.
  • CSS – this is the code which helps your website to look pretty.  The HTML alone is just the building blocks, whilst the CSS is the decoration.  CSS is more strict in its rules, for example, should you forget to put a semicolon at the end of each line, you might find it tricky to discover exactly where you went wrong…
  • JavaScript and JQuery – These are not essential for web designers, but they are handy should you want to be able to create more complex interactive sites.
  • Other advanced languages include PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby and more.