Should You Hire a Website Designer?

These days it is entirely possible to create and build a website on your own, with no knowledge of website code or designer know how – there are lots of DIY web builders online to help you build a quick and easy website.  These are great for people who simply want a basic website, nothing too fancy and who do not have a great deal of knowledge about websites.

On the other hand, these web builders are not ideal if you have a specialist site in your mind, if you want to do ecommerce or if you want your site to function differently from a standard site.  They also do not allow for much SEO and are severely limiting to what you can and can’t do with them.

If you are after a totally unique site which nobody else has, then we would always recommend going for a designer to build your site – although it might cost more in the short term, you only have the one fee to pay (most web builders charge a monthly fee to keep the site live).