Web Design: Mistakes to Avoid

When designing a website, there are a number of well known ‘mistakes’ which can make your website seem really unappealing and unattractive to your prospective clients.  Here is our rundown of the top mistakes to stay away from.

  • Animations and Sound: It is super annoying having a video or music auto play as soon as you load a website, and it makes the site seem spammy and low quality.  If you must have videos on your site, allow the user to hit play when they want to view it, rather than automatically.
  • Wrong background/Text colours!  Having difficult to read text is a big mistake, so choose background and text colours which complement each other and make reading easier.  Dark background with light text can be difficult to read, so keep it all light in the background.
  • Too much text: not breaking up your text into manageable chunks can make reading your site really difficult.  It is already much harder to read text on a screen than on paper, so make things easier by breaking up paragraphs and using images to break the flow.